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I Need Help Finding VSS and Injector Signals

My dad and I thought it would be easier than it is and after a few hours of trying, we found that we need more information. Our methodology was to poke insulated wires with a sewing pin and test the needle.

I found the VSS and it had a purple wire and a yellow wire coming out of it. We traced those wires up to an accessible location, but we can't figure out what the signal is and which wire is bearing it. One of these wires just needs to be tapped, right?

The other might be more embarrassing. We're pretty well certain we found an injector wire, but again there were two wires, a green one and a black one. I assumed that the green one would be the signal and the black one ground. We tested the green one and it read around 12 volts DC when the engine was running. Just to check, I poked the black wire and when I did there was a spark and the engine died. I've started the engine a few times since and the car runs funny, like perhaps I killed one of my injectors? It isn't a huge concern to me if that's what it is, because the car is very old and valueless and I'm already planning to replace it, but I'd like to understand what happened and more importantly what I need to do in the future to find these two signals.

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