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Originally Posted by aerohead View Post
*The only pressure you're concerned with is that produced by separation.With the template,there is no separation and there's no lift.

The high pressure at the nose and tail cancels any Bernoulli lift due to flow acceleration.
I have to give this some more thought.

I somehow believed there was a great deal of lift with the Aero-template.

The airfoil myth

The airfoil myth

As said, the low-pressure pocket forms because of the Bernoulli effect, which is why Bernoulli plays a role in wing lift, but not in the way it's classically explained.

A flat wing requires a steeper angle of attack to achieve the same amount of lift, and the consequence of this is increased drag.

That is the reason why the airfoil shape is optimal for flight, not because it would be mandatory for flight to happen.
I'm not sure how mainstream the blog above is, perhaps some sort of radical or heretic?

Note that helicopter rotor blades are basically flat wings in a steep angle. The mechanism by which they form lift is exactly the same.
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