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Yaris What????
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Yari - '07 Toyota Yaris Liftback
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After my Taurus went out I got an 07 Yaris. So I assume the arrows mean you have tose so I no longer need the vin. The 3.0 is a great engine and can actually get mid 20's with mildy aggressive driving. The axod is going to kill you in the end, I highly recommend replacing or removing altogether for the conversion. The third gear will 'prematurely' wear out and cause havoc on the other gears. Also on that combination the rear main seal is easily broken and will drip enough oil to make you concerned. And if you thought of putting the batteries under the rear seat think again cause its not hollow like I thought Originally, and its does not consist of enough weight to be removed for weight savings. Maybe 15lbs max if I remember.

edit: i may have mixed the ax4s and ax4n in the previous post.
Yaris Liftback + 3 Adults + Toddler + Luggage/Crap = 40mpg@80mph
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