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Originally Posted by ptsmith24 View Post
What's the year/make/model of your vehicle? Someone may have the same one as you and could help you out. Also, you could go get a Chilton's or similar manual. I haven't checked my manual to see if it has the necessary information in it, but will probably get around to it this weekend when I'm ready to install.
It is a 1989 Pontiac Grand Prix. I have a Chilton's manual, but it doesn't contain the necessary information. It is a thick book covering all cars from that year and not one specific to the car, if they make that.

Originally Posted by SVOboy View Post
I would search online for "[year] [make] [model] ecu pinouts" and then use that info to find the wires on your ecu and trace them to where ever you want to tap them.
I was googling "1989 grand prix vss wire color" and a few variations on that, but I just tried what you suggest and I get nothing useful. There seem to be things for cars just a few years newer, but not for mine.

My question, I think, is a more general than this, though. I'm pretty sure I have it narrowed down pretty tight, but I want to know what I'm looking for. Is there one wire to tap for each signal? What kind of signal does the wire have, so I can confirm that I have the right one?

Oh, there a wire that, if grounded, can destroy an injector?
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