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On the contrary. Anyone doing more than 50 miles a day, and is stuck with his home 120V AC charging port, should not even consider an electric!

Add to the range issue, climate controls. In colder regions, cabin heating is a big part of energy consumption, while in hotter regions AC is even more draining than heating the cabin!

I've done the calculations, assuming I could charge my car 12 hours a day (at night), doing 70 miles a day, I would end up with a dead battery by friday.
This assuming nothing goes wrong with the charging process (like no one unplugs it, or no power outages occur).

A range of 350 miles now, means for most EVs, a guaranteed range of 280 miles in 5 years, but some still retain 90% of their original capacity (that'd be 315 miles, basically cutting the need for energy by half a day trip short).

A DC fast charger would make it possible to bypass the amp ratings, since DC fast chargers are basically battery packs that charge while you're away, and unleash that extra stored energy while charging the car, simultaneously with the AC power.
At the cost of lower charging efficiency.

A 64kW battery, like that of the volt would take an estimated 80kW to charge. Since the charging process of 64kW is about 90% efficient, as is the charging process of the DC charger (basically 'a battery' charging a battery; or a supercaps pack charging a battery).

Think about the original estimated cost of 64kWh at $10ct/kWh (a full charge is projected to cost you $6.5), actually ends up costing you 80 * 0.15 (15ct as your electric company will charge you more when your consumption goes up, and is never mentioned when selling an EV) = $12.

The actual price is almost doubled from what's originally projected.

Match this with statistics of EVs and gasoline cars doing 30MPG avg, and your EV which is projected to consume 1/3rd of the cost of a gasoline engine, is now consuming 2/3rds of the energy price of a gasoline car.
And it all makes no more sense to even think of EVs, until the overall purchase price of an EV becomes well within the 20-25% sales price of a gasoline car.
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