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Electric Dixon Zero-turn Mower conversion

Hi guys, it's been a few years since I last posted, but I have a new project. I bought a small Dixon Zero-turn mower with the idea of converting it to electric a few months ago thinking it would be a great winter project down the road, But after the intake valve stuck and bent the push rod, I was suddenly motivated to get it done right away. So I had a 48 volt golf cart motor (3.1 HP) laying around from a previous project that I thought would work. I made an end plate with a bearing and splined and welded a shaft into the open end of the motor. It bolted up very easily and I got it running in just a couple days. The motor doesn't spin quite as fast at 48 volts as the original, so it doesn't mow quite as fast, but it works. My question to you guys is can I put on one more battery (I have room) to bump the voltage up to 60 volts without damaging the motor? I am not using a controller, just contactors on both sides of the motor. There is a slight load on the motor at all times to turn the Z-drive mechanism via a v-belt, but I am concerned I might over-rev the motor. What do you guys think? Also it would be nice if I could pop wheelies like Ben.


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