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40 mpg last night

I filled up on the way back from downstate at the usual station, with 60 miles to go. No acetone last tank or this one. Got a steady 35 mpg going downstate, AND coming back. Stuck to the backroads on the way back to avoid the freeway wind from the west which cost me 6 mpg last time.

So after filling up it was late and nobody was out. When I hit 36 mpg, I figured lets try something. I kept it about 43 mph, just enough to keep the TCC locked, all the way home. I did have a couple traffic lights and towns to slow down in, but I timed them so it wasnt bad. And I got 39.9 mpg. I hoped to hit 40 but on the last leg home a local drunk from the neighborhood was on my tail and trying to run me down so I let him by but he stopped, looked at me, and said "oh I thought you were somebody else". So I circled the block before pulling in the driveway so he wouldnt follow me, and ended up with 39.5 mpg.

I know theres still more left in this car too, since the most noise when driving is made by the tires and I know the alignment is out of whack, but Michigan roads beat up the suspension faster than I can keep it fixed.

Now I got 40 mpg, the rest is easier. Got 34.0 this morning on the way to work quite easily. When I started with the mpguino I was getting 31.0 in the mornings.

I may have actually gotten a bit better than 40 last night, since my injector pulses may be about 8.5% off from my initial calculation. I need a couple more tanks to confirm it though before changing settings.


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