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Originally Posted by jcp123 View Post
Oh it varies a lot but for the most part it is pretty lax here. I've been spoiled by Texas for the last decade or so. Wheel/tire size isn't terribly regulated, but it also never made sense for me to do without recalibrating your speedometer accordingly.

That bit about NY laws regarding suspension mods is troubling. I might move there in the next few years. Blah. I had thought about lowering my Civic and eventually getting a rally-build (lifted, off road tires) sportscar. Guess I'll also have to get re-acquainted with smog tests, which Texas only administers in urbanized counties over a certain population. On the flip side, Texas does have basic safety inspections yearly, which is one of the most un-Texan things I could have thought of. Even California, where I grew up, is fairly strict about vehicle mods, but has no safety inspections. It really threw me off when I moved here.

If you want the most lax laws in the United States, it's in Florida. Almost anything goes there, and I love them for it.
I've lived in NY my whole life and I wasn't aware of the suspension law. If it does exist, it's certainly not enforced. Actual emissions testing is only done in the NYC area. In the rest of NY State, OBDII cars get plugged in (CEL = fail), but there's no actual exhaust test.

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