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Originally Posted by dougfromdenver View Post
I also would highly recommend that anyone buying a used Insight know as much as possible before jumping into a deal on a high mileage that -- as a 2000 model -- is almost 29 years old. Add to this the reality that does not drive, and cannot be road tested, makes even a $1,000 price look VERY unreasonable to me.

There have been transmission issues with the manual transmission that must be evaluated before buying any manual Insight.
Math much? 2018-2000 = 18.

But I agree with everything else...

Originally Posted by dougfromdenver View Post
20 calls? I doubt that. If you find any service manager who has highly experienced professionals working for them, odds are one of them will have been around as long or longer than the first generation model was sold. And many of those who were hybrid specialist for the first generation model have the additional knowledge that's come from years of service and repair of existing models on the road in their area.

So I'd recommend making up to five phone calls to five different dealers and if you find out that I am wrong, what has it cost you to make 5 phone calls to dealers in a general area, no less in a metropolitan area with multiple Honda dealers.

Just don't settle for an answer from anyone except for the service manager or the tech that has had the most experience with hybrids, both first generation model insights as well as Hondas newer hybrid models.
You're very optimistic. An "expert" who has a lot of experience with the G1 Insight is only likely to have seen a handful in their whole career given that there were only 17,020 made, and only about 12K ended up in the U.S.

On the other hand, perhaps I was being pessimistic. It might only take 19 calls.
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