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Thank you all for the replies. At least it doesn't sound like there's an issue with the car. Hopefully some cooler weather will roll in soon. I was planning for tint anyway, seems like that would help cool me down a bit.

Originally Posted by S Keith View Post
60 mpg is pretty exceptional for an HCH1. You're either a very good hypermiler, or you have a very inaccurate mpg meter.

Regardless, to get that kind of mileage, you must be at a very low average power... probably on the order of 9-12 hp. A/C consumes about 3-4 hp. You can see that's a huge % increase in power.
That +60mpg reference was flat ground, with cruise set at 40-50mph. Certainly not something I can maintain over a full tank of gas or anything. The built in mpg meter has read pretty consistent with calculations at the pump (maybe 1mpg on the optimistic side). My first 2 tanks have been in the mid 40's, I think I'm a little over 45mpg on my current tank.

The HP explanation makes a lot of sense. The more efficient the car runs, the bigger % of loss you see from the AC.
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