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'what we have'

Originally Posted by sendler View Post
That is because everyone is blind to the SCALE of fossil energy it takes to do what we have, and would need to continue doing. And most people seem to have an intense optimism bias toward rebuildables without ever running the numbers due to a decade of greenwashing in the uniformed media that is determined to keep business as usual growth going for as long as possible.
Rebuildables can power "A" human society. Just not this one. 17 TeraWatts and growing (for now).
Very concise and pulling no punches weekly essay by Martenson today on the subject of the impending liquid fuel depletion. Wise scientists and forward thinkers have been warning us about this for 60 years but our time blind and reward hungry stone age brains subconsciously refuse to accept it.
My argument would be that 'what we have' is not set in stone.It's not an 'absolute.'
If we went to war against ourselves,we'd do exactly what we've done in war times before.
The White House would go on television and declare a national emergency,severely curtail all non-essential energy use,probably set up rationing, and FEMA would set up refugee camps for the tens of millions now unemployed and homeless.Untold consumer product and service corporations would vaporize.
Certain war-essential industries would be nationalized,and fire departments dispatched to catch all the businessmen jumping from the 14th-floor.
Americans cannot distinguish between 'need' and 'want.'
Within 72-hours they'd have the 'lesson.'
Even if there was no such thing as climate change,we'd have to engineer for a world without hydrocarbons.We're beyond peak-oil.There's peak-coal,Peak-Methane,Peak-uranium,........................And we're still breeding.
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