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under water

Originally Posted by oil pan 4 View Post
I wasn't talking about artic ice. I was specifically talking about ant-artic ice.

We have told you multiple times the ipcc announcement about overestimating the effects of CO2 is easy to search for on bing.
I have linked it multiple times but you chose to ignore it.
So just continue to pretend like it never happened.

If the artic ice volume is down 80% then why is my old house at Langley (in Virginia) not under water?
I like how all this ice melts and there is almost no measurable change in sea level.
I thought the big worry was the ice was going to melt and displace something like 70% of the entire world's population?
And that's not going to happen now so what's the panic?
Another question, if the earth is warming so much why is it only effecting one side of the planet?

What if this is what the artic has always done?
If all the arctic ice were to melt,it would only add 1/2-foot to sea level rise.
The problem is what some have referred to as the 100-gigaton Methane bomb!
If the Arctic goes,the greenhouse gases that will be released from the Arctic shelves,shallow seas,permafrost,and tundra will be so great as to accelerate global warming to unprecedented levels.
This is all Methane and it's 20-times more effective as a greenhouse gas.
The warming from all the additional GHG WILL trigger Greenland and Antarctica,which will have a profound affect on sea-level.
15,000 years ago,Greenland went up 16-degrees in fifteen years.This is the 'abrupt' climate change climatologists fear.We know Earth can do this.So it could do it again.
And half the global population lives withing 50-miles of the coastlines.
The last time Earth had this much CO2 in the atmosphere,the oceans were 20-30 feet higher.
And it's affecting both poles.
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