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Originally Posted by oil pan 4 View Post
Right now there doesn't appear to be a way to build enough batteries to replace even 5% of the cars on the road with electric.
As of 2017 about 0.15% are purely electric.

The second result that came up took less than 5 seconds.
This talks about the ipcc shift saying they were overestimating the effects of CO2 by double.
“Seismic Shift” In Climate Science… IPCC CO2-Induced Warming Estimate “Far Too High”…”In A Free Fall”
I post it again and the alarmists believers will ignore it again.
The believersare just but hurt that the denyers have been saying all along that believes have been far overestimating the effects of CO2.
If I was a hard core blind faith beliver I would pretend like it didn't happen too.
I'd request that you keep to websites associated with the actual research organizations.They're just as easy to find.
You're wasting our time with this s---.
They're practicing confirmational bias,disputation,using rhetorical skill to argue for anything but truth,problematic deduction,context dependency,a posteriori reasoning,defeasible knowledge,tacit reserve,Ad Ignorantiam,Ad Hominem,Hasty Generalization,Overreliance on Authorities,fallacy of negation,false dilemna,tautology,Effort Inadequacies,Problem-Solving Inadequacies,Priniciple of undetermination,Duhem-Quine Thesis,and Cognitive Egalitarianism.
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