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peak oil

Originally Posted by redpoint5 View Post
There's no need to wage a war.

We're not beyond peak oil.

The rate of population growth has been in decline, and will continue to do so, perhaps even drastically (my theory with VR porn and growing nonsense about there being no biological distinction between men and women).

If we gradually increased oil consumption, we can gradually move away from it. War not necessary. What you propose would cause a civil war, not just a war on business. Me and millions of Americans would not allow an authoritarian state.
The top petroleum geologists and market analytics showed that peak oil was in 2002.
All major oil prospecting is behind us.
There are no more 'elephant' fields to be found.
A number of OPEC nations have lied about their reserves so they could fudge their allowable production quotas.
Saudi is pumping more sea water than oil.
'My father rode a camel,I drive a Rolls-Royce,my son flies a jet airplane,and his son will ride a camel.' Arab proverb.
When Vice President HALLIBURTON Kellog Brown & Root said,'The American way of life is not negotiable.'............. we may have to amend that.
And since the late,Matthew Simmons said,'America has no Plan-B,' war might be inevitable.(I'm just playing 'advocatus diaboli')
We don't have a 'swing producer' anymore.
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