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just effecting

Originally Posted by oil pan 4 View Post
It's just effecting 1 pole a lot more than the other.
One side most of the ice is gone, the other side doesn't even seem to notice.

Maybe once all that methane goes up snowy winters will become a thing of the past.
The poles are warming faster than elsewhere,but the whole planet is warming.
Warming in the poles is believed to be affecting the polar jets,which in turn affect the Jet Stream,which is responsible for much of the heat and water vapor distribution around the globe.
We've had meridional Jet Stream excursions well below the equator,dividing the US in half,with high pressure parked on both sides,with monthly time scales,bringing heat waves,drought, and flood simultaneously.
If the Methane goes everything is gonna accelerate,amplify.It's cause for alarm.
It's negative 270-degrees F above us.I don't know if we could have an anomaly which could expose us to that.With all the additional water available as it is,we might still see catastrophic snow events.Don't know.Nobody does.But some of those on the front lines are shocked at what they're witnessing.
It's pretty amazing!
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