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I looked at the car today, wasn't as bad as I had imagined, some rust inside of wheel wells, some on the front chin that gets covered with a fiberglass spoiler that is stored inside of the car.

Owner says he has all the chrome trim for the windows, extra interior panels , all the door hardware, vents, lights, grilles and so forth. The car is filled with stuff, he even has a couple of extra wheels.

He has original transmission in another garage across town, will toss that in if you want it.

From what I could see of the dash it looked good, steering wheel looked good, front seats need to be restored or replaced. Car needs a new headliner.

The pan looked solid to me, the rockers were solid, and so was underneath the car.
Oh yea, the intercooler was removed and is inside of the car, it was removed to do some body work and needs to be hooked back up.

Bruce got the two rear wheels unfrozen and spinning, was about to start on the front when I left.

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