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Originally Posted by freebeard View Post
Any luck with the second one? VW-P3 appears equivalent to my Dasher while VW-P4 appears equivalent to the Rabbit/Golf.
I looked for about seven minutes and did not find it's true source.

However I found this nifty PDF from India (a download).

And a review of the preciously mentioned book including a few pages of the inside.

Racecar Aerodynamics: Designing for Speed by Joseph Katz Book Review
The Avid Engineer: Racecar Aerodynamics: Designing for Speed by Joseph Katz Book Review
I really rate this book highly and I often find myself referring to it over some of my more analytical books like Understanding Aerodynamics by Doug McLean. The way the author always explains concepts in such a clear and concise manner is especially welcome, which is helpful if like myself you are a keen F1 fan and often find the televised explanations lacking and need a quick reference just to suss out possible benefits of recent changes. In this regard the book would make an excellent present for any one interested in forms of racing.

EDIT: I just liked this picture...................

I wonder what the little guy's Cd was.
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