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Originally Posted by redpoint5 View Post
I didn't say that you can't get a decent energy conversion out of corn ethanol, I implied that the opportunity cost of going to ethanol is so great that it hasn't happened in the free market.

You've yet to address why the free market hasn't adopted ethanol for fueling our vehicles. Nothing is preventing auto manufacturers from producing vehicles that run on 100% ethanol, or gas stations from supplying it. In fact, even with ethanol subsidies, we don't have auto manufacturers building cars that run on high levels of ethanol.

The government shouldn't be the first "solution" to a problem; it should be the very last. First, answer what problem a 15% ethanol mandate fixes. Next answer why the problem it fixes has to be addressed by the worst problem solver (government).
A 15% mandate fixes nothing. Id say that if all gasoline were 15% ethanol there would be a lot of older vehicles damaged or taken off the road due to incompatibility... a lot of modern cars would be okay with only a slight loss in mileage, but Id rather see more blend pumps than a mandate of 15% minimum
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