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Originally Posted by RedDevil View Post
Ye's bro Ald as finetuned his opinion about climate change, as became clear in an interview with CBS'60 minutes last night.

Trump says climate change not a hoax, not sure of its source

Phew! No need to worry.
We just need to wait some million years and all will be fine again.
The idiocy is underwhelming.


Again, the cognitive dissonance...

I have been inundated with idiotic climate change denial for decades from the left and the far left... hearing that it is all a Western plot to bring down developing economies.

Now that the left is on board with it... because Asian countries are more vulnerable to climate change than elsewhere... NOW the American government is saying that it is the exact opposite.

Because America lost the solar race. Because fracking now gives America the ability to be the world's biggest oil producer again.

Huh. Follow the money.
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