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Originally Posted by redpoint5 View Post
In my 3rd attempt to discuss positive vs negative consequences of global warming, I present this graphic from the NYT which discusses the matter in relation to the US, color coding those areas predicted to benefit (green) to those predicted to suffer (red) in the year 2090.

... I should buy up property in Montana now, while it's cheap.
What drives ocean currents?

What temperature is better for ocean fishing?

When will the ocean start releasing carbon dioxide - AND OXYGEN - because warmer water can hold less gas in solution?

How much methane and carbon dioxide will be released as the tundra melts?

Will the clathrates (methane ice) that are on the Arctic sea floor melt - and if so, when?

Crops grow in particular temperature zones and particular latitudes, and they are dependent on particular soil chemistries and they need certain pollinators - can we move our crop production and still maintain productivity?

How many more climate refugees will we see each year?

When will we have to abandon our coastal cities and towns?

When will insurance companies stop underwriting storm and fire damage?

How long can we keep pumping water out of aquifers faster than they are being refreshed?

How big will the ocean dead zones be next year - and the year after that, and the years after that?

How many reefs will die each year?

How many jellyfish does it take to clog cooling water intakes on a nuclear power plant?

When will hydrogen sulfide overtake tropical waters?
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