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In regards to grill blocking:

My commute wasn’t “normal”.

On a good day, I could coast (engine off) far enough downhill that the engine temp went down in between pulses. I could be halfway down the mountains before maintaining operating temps without a grill block.

The problem with a fixed block is that it has to accommodate worst case conditions. For me, that was climbing the mountains going home.

The best version I used was 60% completely blocked (30% either side) then the whole thing covered in shade cloth. At lower speeds most of the air passed through the shade cloth, as speed increased, more and more air was blocked.
I didn’t get overheating issues, but did remove the completely blocked sections (so it was all shade cloth) in mid summer just to be safe. My commute was 25 km mountains, 20 km motorway, last few km urban.

As a side benefit, the shade cloth was almost the same shade of green as my car, so it wasn’t obvious to casual observers.

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