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Saturn Ion no crank/no start

So, my car will not start... I've been fighting it for a while but finally decided to ask you guys for some help...

It's been sitting for a while, so the battery is definitely discharged (could have internal short or something I guess), but even with a jump pack it won't start back... The same pack would start my wife's Ion with a weak battery, and started my Redline which had sat for almost a year with a dead battery...

When I hit the key, I can hear a solenoid click every 2 seconds and the engine will turn just a little(the belt moves about 1/8" with each click)

I examined the starter and found some really corroded terminals and the one unshielded wire from solenoid to starter was badly corroded and crumbling, so I replaced the starter with the spare one for the Redline... The one ground I could find on the engine looked okay(but very greasy) and the ground from the battery to the trunk floor looked solid...

I'm a little lost here... I'd like to have it capable of starting so that once my wife starts working I won't be stuck absolutely having to walk/bike to work...

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