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2 Cylinder Metro?

Hi all,

I just picked up my first Metro, soon to be followed by 2 more next week. This one is a '94 2 door manual that has spent it's entire life in Central FL, so it is absolutely rust-free. I got it fairly cheap because #3 rod bearing is gone, and has scored the crank badly. I will be swapping a good engine into it from an ugly, but clean '91, and handing it over to my wife for her commute. I plan on using the '91 as a test vehicle. OK.....I'll get to the point now. I am kicking around the idea of removing the piston and rod from the damaged motor, and putting it back together, using only 2 cylinders. I would then install this motor in the test car. I think I will have to weld up the oiling port in the crank on #3 journal, and there will be other issues, I'm sure. Any thoughts, comments, ridicule, or bets appreciated.


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