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But for electric airplane and large drones (air taxi) we would need 10x the density of the actual (not Tesla) Li-ion batteries.

With 10x density, and electric motors about 3x or 4x more efficient than gasoline/herosene fuel engines, the electric planes would be able to fly nearly as long.

Nasa also found that with many small electric propeller anlong a wings, they need much less energy to take off than with two large propellers.

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Even if it had identical energy density as a Tesla battery, but could be rapidly recharged and not suffer degradation, that's all the industry needs.

Who cares what the range of an EV is as long as it can go about 200 miles and be rapidly recharged without damaging it. That actually solves the biggest problems. Cost being another big problem. $10,000 for what is essentially a gas tank is a hard pill to swallow.

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