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Couple corrections:
"Scooters and motorcycles can pollute 90 times as much as SUVs"
"In fact, it was the EPA that tested a Yamaha YZR R6 and found that it emitted 90 times more hydrocarbons than a Dodge Durango SUV."

Actually, in fact, the Dodge durango comarison was 57 times worse, not 90 times, 4.19 grams/mile to .073 gm/mile. Per Motorcycles, scooters big polluters

"If you’re a diehard environmentalist you’re going to want to stay away from scooters."

Might want to clarify that there ARE clean motorcycle options and regulations are catching up.

It does make me wonder how motorcycle emissions compare to lawn mower/lawn tractor/weed wacker/snow blower emissions. I know a lot of folks see the older bikes as gateway to a fairly inexpensive electric vehicle.

I should note that 57 times worse still sucks, but there are also many many more environmental manufacturing and material costs in building a durango, as well as the environmental impact in securing the additional fuel required by said same.

p.p.s. 05 Ford Explorer = 0.15 g hydrocarbons per mile

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