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Knowing what I know now, the truck is an easier build. There are a few cars out there I’d like to do, the 1965 Corvair is only 2” difference on a gen 2 Prius. What I have learned is to leave as much of the Prius systems in place as possible. I moved to much around on the truck and wished I would’ve left it all in the original places. If you do a truck you need to move the rear speed sensors to the front hubs so the computer sees four wheels turning. Other than that leave everything else alone. Measure everything, wheelbase, width, distance from front wheel to windshield, strut height, strut width. As you can see there’s a lot of Prius you can cut away. Finally, weight and aerodynamics matter. My truck is 300 pounds over weight and the drag is a LOT more than a Prius. The Ghia with come in under weight by as much as 500 pounds. The the drag with be about 3.5, not as slippery as a Prius, but pretty decent. If you want to talk, give me a call.

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