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Originally Posted by redpoint5 View Post
In principle lying to the public is unethical. That said, it isn't unlawful. Look at the millions of products which claim to spot reduce fat, or return skin to a youthful state...

I'm not advocating for deception, merely stating that proving the intent was to deceive is nearly impossible, as it takes someone being caught and recorded saying they know one thing to be true, but want to make others believe the other thing.

If I were an oil company, I would say nothing about climate change, as that isn't the industry I'm in. I sell petroleum products. What people do with it is their business. I can't stop people from creating lifesaving pharmaceuticals, or dousing themselves with gasoline and lighting themselves on fire.

All that said, the last few pages of this thread have been super dull, as I keep pointing out, it doesn't matter who/what is responsible for CO2 if it is (or will be) indeed a catastrophic problem. The correct course of action would be the same.
Oil companies are OBLIGATED to tell their shareholders about how their product is causing climate change. It is the biggest liability there ever was.

And because they have profited at the expense of the survival of life as we know it on the whole planet - they have committed a crime against humanity, and against all life on earth.

Of course any human who has benefited from fossil fuels is morally obligated to do everything we can to mitigate climate change.
Sincerely, Neil
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