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The problem is transitioning to post-scarcity. Can we keep that quality of life? Or is this merely a century-long blip in the trajectory of human development?

Originally Posted by redneck View Post
Well, it’s settled then...

You’re the “Official Debunker”.


Argue the argument. Or post one.

Haven't had a good workout for weeks.

Originally Posted by oil pan 4 View Post
Debunking? More like spinning.
In the begining the science was pure. But the data was not showing what they wanted to see or the data wasnt showing change fast enough, so they lied and of course they got caught now they just have to lie more and faster, more often to cover for the original lie, rendering all their work as junk science.
Now the climate data is so skewed we won't know there is actually something wrong with the climate until after global crop failures and mass starvation has already started.
The hockey stick is much older than the supposed lies you keep harping about.

And if it's all about lying to amplify the warming, then none of the data should show the supposed pause, or that certain parts of Antarctica are gaining mass, or that sea levels in certain areas are lowering in relation to the land.


If you take the time to read everything, research everything and pore through countless online pages of researchers and data collectors arguing, you'd realize that scientists couldn't conspire to get anything done.

When you have a majority consensus, that means something.
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