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Originally Posted by Daox View Post
Yep, I have. I'm not exactly sure where I'd put it though. If you're going to nerd out, you'd like one in the pan and then after the heater to see how much its really doing.

I do like Oil Pan's method of using a pressure gauge to monitor things too. Its straight forward and tells you when the oil is thinning out.
I've read mixed reviews of the oil temp senders that replace a drain plug, since they are in a vulnerable location and read the coldest oil in the system. I'm thinking the best method would be one of those long probes, mounted a little higher on the sump pan and in the rear for protection from the wind. It would read warmer oil that way.

But oil pressure is a decent proxy for what you're after. In fact, it might be useful for other things like determining the ideal oil viscosity and checking whether the pressure relief valve works correctly.

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