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Originally Posted by WaxyChicken View Post
So basically a hydrolic or cable system that swings (engages) the generator against a wheel gear when the brake is pushed. Gotcha.
No no - throw the electrical switch Unless the motor has a load on it (closed circuit + load) - it's not going to have any resistance (well, a tiny tiny tiny bit). No load (open circuit) - throw a switch to complete the circuit - and current will flow

That being said - cars like the Prius, for example, do not have motors at the wheel (in fact, most cars - EV/hybrid/etc. are like that due to the huge amount of unsprung weight that adds). Instead - it's just wherever the drive motor is...

The new Prius uses boost converters so they can have a lower pack voltage - this means they can regen brake at lower speeds....

GM-Allison's bolt-on hybrid transmission has the motors located inside the transmission itself and those handle the regen braking.
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