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Based in the inteviews and articles I saw, many manufacturers approached them. More or less 12 if I remamber well. It's a good thing, since there will be no monopoly but a lot of competition, something required for good prices.

They (university staffy) made research, but final mass production it's up to the big manufacturers. The soon they get interest and have intention to adapt or create the required machines to mass production, the soon it will reach consumers.
Well, not all batteries are the same, there are projects for models of different sizes and shapes. Once they get a good project of a battery for electric car, for example, and a manufacturer get real interest, the works would began to make it true.

It's suposed to be considerably cheaper than actual Li-Ion batteries. Of course the large the manufacturer capacity is the better the prices became, so the first unities will probably be expensive until very large scale production can fill the market confortably. The simple laws of supply and demand.

I wonder if we will have it as a investment too. If the capacity increase with cycles, going from 3x to 10x the energy density of actuaal batteries, we could buy many, use in home as a energy storage system, but charging with energy from the grid, and after a couple years sell it by a higher price as a 10x battery instead of a 3x battery.

Used worthing more than a a new... :-)

Originally Posted by oil pan 4 View Post
Are they working with or have they been approached by any battery manufacturers?
How long before people can start buying them in something?

Because I remember lithium polymer was supposed to be the last big thing.
I think their main application turned out to be small consumer electronics it looks like it.
Too expensive for electric car size applications I think.

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