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Toyota Highlander Stop Start

We bought a new Highlander V6, with stop-start. I have started to wonder what the fuel breakeven time in seconds is for it. I just read the idling thread here, suggesting 6 or 7 seconds.

From what I have read, they are using extra special starters, designed to be more efficient as well as to endure many more cycles.

So maybe the breakeven point is 4 seconds. I wish I knew. And let's not forget, the car keeps powering the ventilation, radio, etc. during the stop.

It is somewhat easy to control whether or not the engine stops. Push the brake pedal down light to moderately, and it won't shut off. Push it farther down, and it will. It can only be deactivated (by a button) until the next true startup.

I guess the feature is a good thing. I do get some satisfaction out of it at a stoplight. I find myself hoping it's a long red light, to make it pay. LOL!

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