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Originally Posted by euromodder View Post
Actually, the savings would be pretty massive if the US ditched its silly 4-way stops !
Yes, roundabouts might work better. Except on major roads.

Failure to yield ROW across a four-way is a sure predictor for high fatality rate accidents. T-Bone Junction.

Bad habits don’t work out. Especially ugly when it’s easy to show selfishness is the justification.

In trucking I’ve found it a sure thing to go after drivers yammering on the CB about the “fast lane for trucks” on multi-lane expressways. The inner lane next to that from which they are barred is the reference.

Many or most drivers are paid per mile. So I bring up that as they tailgate cars or other trucks (under 100’), they’re risking the lives of those others for pennies. Wives with their children.

And that they’d best hope it’s never a relative of mine gets killed by their actions. For pennies. “Who do you run for, hand?”, is my next question. (Hand = hired hand; standard lingo. And anonymity is somewhat pre-requisite). “I’m old, I’m tired of working. Watching TV ain’t the thing. Family is what’s left. And very few of them exist. So are you certain, ARE YOU POSITIVE, that you and your family would live out that week?

The CB goes silent on that one.

The “game” with stop signs isn’t a single stop. It’s two. The first as far back as the law permits. The second at the line denoting the intersection (usually back from the curb). Call it a skill test. Discipline.

I run a manual transmission in a four ton pickup. The clutch is original at 220,000-miles. No signs of slippage. My city MPG is higher than the freeway average of most owners. No stunt driving, but driving for longest term reliability and longevity. Both trump fuel economy. FE is only a gauge to the larger picture.

The problem is internal to the driver: A snowflake and his feelings. A soyboy with the heart of a slave. Forever on his masters business.

One can glide smoothly around town. Or can’t. In which case, get to work. Quit treating the road as if it were the problem.


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