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Originally Posted by oil pan 4 View Post
I don't see how that means they acknowledge that man made global warming is true.
That's just lobbing.
We've known since 1859 about the greenhouse effect.Everyone interested knows this.
We also know from Arhrenius Svante's research that carbon dioxide is directly associated with greenhouse warming.Everyone interested knows this.
It was discovered by astronomers who weren't necessarily looking for it when they found it.But it is what it is.Everyone interested knows this.
And we also know from astronomy,that carbon dioxide can be bad news when we contemplate Venus.It's basically twice as far from the Sun as Mercury,yet over twice as hot! The reason being,that it has a greenhouse gas atmosphere.Carbon Dioxide.Everyone interested knows this.
For the oil companies,fearing climate-based policy the narrative would be something like:
Wow,the Supreme Court has just ruled that carbon dioxide is a toxin,and they're gonna regulate it's sale.
That could cut into our profits.So let's spend some money on a disinformation campaign to muddy the waters for policy makers long enough that,by the time the Congress rules to regulate,that we've already extracted all economically recoverable oil there is,and it's no longer an issue,and our industry has made it's $trillion.
For some millions of dollars in sowing doubt about the implications of carbon emissions,we continue to earn billions.
It's perfectly logical,and a great investment.And your tax lawyer figures out a way to charge off the entire expense as a legitimate business cost of doing business.
Just kick the can down the road and let future generations deal with the environmental blowback.
In foreign countries Exxon is synonymous with the CIA.There's very little they could possibly not know about.Including every published paper on climate change.It's quite literally their business to know these things.
And I'm the guilty one! I burn the stuff.And I'll be receiving a small oil royalty this year from oil wells in Oklahoma that my maternal grandfather owned through his oil company in Ardmore.
I'm indebted to everyone associated with the petroleum industry,worldwide.
And I'm not anti-oil,but I'm very concerned about combustion products,from all kinds of fossil fuels now.
Global climate change is in my backyard now.It may be in your backyard too.And Exxon's.
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