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Originally Posted by mpg_numbers_guy View Post
Even with only 51K/52K miles? What would you suggest offering if we pursue?

Judging a good price on a Prius seems to be a lot harder for me than with other vehicles lol..
It all comes down to opportunity cost. As I said, I'm not as in love with Prius considering the good alternatives these days. They do have an excellent history of reliability, but I would expect to need to replace the 11 year old battery in the next couple years. That's probably a couple grand if you pay someone else to do it.

The ad is approaching 4 weeks old. I'd offer him $2k under his ask and let him work you back up to Edmunds price. That's me though, I don't need a car; I never do. My timeline to buy is infinite, so I can wait forever for someone to accept a low price.

As I said previously, $7k is what I bought a 2013 fully loaded C-Max with 44k miles on it. That's less than his ask, and only a grand more than Edmunds price. The C-Max is a way better car in nearly every aspect except it gets like 2 MPG less than a Prius.

I like Prii and own one and don't plan to sell it any time soon. That said, they are overpriced. Do they prefer a hatchback? If not, how about a Camry, or a Sonata? They come in hybrid form if that is a must. The Ford Fusion Hybrid is phenomenal.

My 2006 TSX probably goes for $5k these days, and it's the best car I've ever had. 30 MPG and no problems.

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