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Genetic also can increase even more the risk of lung cancer in smokers. Smoking increases 10 to 20 times the risk of lung cancer, but genetic also can have influence and affect even who never smoked.

If your mother side of family had so much cases, maybe there is a bad gene involved, and you should make medical exams every years or even in shorter intervals. Unless when deteted really very early, it's usualy a really lethal cancer, one of the worsts. But in early stages there is no simptons.

There is the risk of second hand smoking, and even third hand smoking (carpet, curtains, coach, clothes can hold pollutents and increase alergy risk) and air polution from cars too. But direct smoking took more lifes than all wars combined. It's the largest "killing industry" ever.
If we consider it increase risk of creates babies born with lower weight, it can also reduce IQ, I presume.

So it's the most disgracefull product ever created in mass use.

Health plans should cost more to smokers, to young smokers to be more clear. We see teens that start smoking even after education in schools where teachers told all the bad effects of smoking and all the riks.
If someone choose to take such stupid addiction, in a generation who grow without TV advertises for such things, I conclude they are stupid and should pay more for health services plans.

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In my mothers family lung cancer took more victims than all other causes of death combined. My granddad quit smoking when in 2 years time his 3 uncles all died of lung cancer... and was one of the few to reach really old age.
Who needs science when the cause and result is that clear.

What makes smoking bad is that it causes cancer, and as a result, death.

What makes our high rate of burning fossil fuels bad is the pollution it creates. The changing climate is just one of the symptoms, and probably not the worst either.

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