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Okay, there is a lot of misunderstanding when it comes to autistic people. The REAL reason why they are so misunderstood is because people are not listening to the actual autistic people themselves when they hear about autism. Autism is typically said with a negative connotation. For this reason, people like to use autism as an insult, which would make sense if autism was actually bad. Additionally, autistic people often face some form of stigma such as ableism, or discrimination against disabled people. Think of autistic people as square pegs trying to fit into round holes. Instead of trying to change the autistic people into round pegs, try changing the holes into square holes. There is a reason why autistic people can be seen as reclusive or antisocial at times. It is because they know about the bad things people do to each other.

Embrace autistic people whenever you can, and they will take you to places youíve never been to before.
Iím actually autistic myself, so this is why I wrote this definition. I hope you have learned at least a little from it.
by warrier120 June 04, 2018
The same type of people who brought the world computers, yet still get treated like absolute ****.
idiot: "Haha you have Autism, you're such a retard."
autistic person: "That's funny, I should tell you that an autistic person invented the same ****ing screen you look at 24/7."
by Dubiks August 23, 2018

Some are touched a little more heavily than others. If their parents aren't understanding they wind up 'locked in'.


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