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Originally Posted by MetroMPG View Post
This is super-impressive.

ICON worked with Stealth EV to convert a '49 Merc using a Tesla model S battery pack.
Very cool, matches up closely with one of my fantasies.

My dream project involves using aftermarket early classic Ford Bronco fiberglass body parts and repackaging it using Tesla components.

The thing that shatters my dreaming is trying to use parts from a wrecked Tesla, even slightly damaged parts would be dangerous to use. Anyone remember the Volt used in crash testing that later spontaneously combusted in a storage lot?

The idea of dismantling a perfectly good Tesla as a donor is equally objectionable in my mind.

I'd like to know how Icon procured their parts and the vetting process they used to verify usability.

I'm sure one day electric cars including Tesla's will be the dominate vehicles in auto-salvage yards, right now they are such a rarity, such a specialty.

My best guess is they sourced parts at auction once the insurance company gave the cars up.
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