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dealers or.............

Originally Posted by RedDevil View Post
In the War On Fuel, do we go after the dealers or the addicts?
*I'm guessing some market-based mechanism.
*Congress passes legislation mandating a transition off combustion.
*Industry immediately petitions the courts for economic relief.
*The courts grant industry an inverted-rate scale for sales,based upon an mean average per capita consumption.
*Consumers who consume the average amount of energy pay a standard rate.
*Consumers who use less are rewarded with savings.
*Consumers who consume more than the standard pay the average rate,up to the pre-determined limit,then double that rate for up to some established second limit,and consecutive doublings each time they break out the bracket,for a geometric price increase.
*Like an Energy Star vs Energy Turd rating criteria.
*It incentivizes thrift,emissions reductions,and transitioning away from combustion.
It disincentivizes profligate waste,and super-emissions.
*Profits from extra-consumption payments helps underwrite industry R&D for carbon sequestration,carbon trading,reinvestments,whatever they decide,plus federal funds to help cushion industrie's burden of reduced sales,and focus on profitable transition to whatever the boards of directors deem appropriate.
*We owe them for the sacrifice.
*The atmospheric greenhouse gases didn't get there without us.Mea culpa.
*Consumers may still enjoy 'preference' as to their lifestyle and product choices,however that may no longer use the atmosphere for their own sewer,without paying for the injury to the global community.
Just some thoughts.
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