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Originally Posted by Big Dave View Post
It has a bigger problem in the US due to widely varying temperatures. I doubt E100 would ever fly in the US because of cold-weather starting difficulties. Low Reid vapor pressure and all that.
Heating of the fuel is now widely used in Brazil for that very same reason on flexfuel cars still fitted with port injection, even though fewer places have such extreme cold temperatures here during the winter. And the ones fitted with direct injection don't require any cold start aid.

CNG requires "driveway fuel" to warm up the cooling system to keep the NG regulator from freezing.
I never had any trouble with freezing regulators in the cars converted to CNG that I drove. Could start on CNG without any trouble. When it comes to LPG/propane, it's a whole different matter. Well, to not say I have never seen a car converted to CNG with some problem, an uncle used to own an AE100 Corolla and fitted the 7A-FE engine with a fumigation CNG setup, so the intake manifold would freeze once in a while...
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