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Originally Posted by kach22i View Post
These days they have a green roof and solar panels on the F-150 assembly plant.
And that produces what percentage of the energy needed to run the plant? Not to mention that it's an assembly plant: all the really energy-intensive stuff is done elsewhere, and the parts & materials shipped to the plant.

Humans started with their own energy plants known as the camp fire, we shall return to this in a different form one day.
Yeah, and we can all learn how to knapp stone tools, too :-)

Creating and collecting your own energy, growing or raising your own food is a push against this shove.
I wouldn't say it's a "push", but I'm sitting by my own "camp fire" right now. And yes, I could have cut the wood it's burning without a chain saw. Perhaps I could even have done it with a stone ax that I'd knapped myself. But that wouldn't have left me much time for anything else. And I sure couldn't have made the steel and temperature-resistant glass that make my fire so much more efficient than a simple campfire.
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