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You do realize nuclear power is in its early stages of development?

Originally Posted by kach22i View Post

The article is correct in pointing out this is a political problem, not an engineering technical problem. The two are however intertwined.

When a new technology comes along and changes the politics, this disruptive technology will one day it's self become obsolete and do what it can to hang on to the past. This is how I view nuclear power, it is making it's last stand, and I just hope it doesn't have another melt-down.
The nuclear power plants we use today are simply improved iterations of gen 2 pressurized water reactors. They are inefficient in small scale applications with Navy reactors accepting these inefficiencies as a small trade-off for boundless power and long life. There are numerous nuclear designs that have not been granted research life simply because of the fear mongering. Some of these designs are far more benign and compact. This will allow local production (within reason), reducing the need to expand infrastructure. Inter-related designs can reduce waste to a relatively small volume as one reactor can eat and reduce the waste of another design.

Nuclear power will be the pivot pin to renewable energy. Without it, renewables cannot supply the consistent and concentrated energy needs of a modern society. Battery stacks, potential energy schemes and a myriad of other ideas can be eliminated by a single nuclear power plant in the neighborhood.

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