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The numbers that state that cows belch vastly more than they pass gas?

Contrary to common belief, it’s cow belching due to enteric fermentation. (“Enteric fermentation” is the digestive process of converting sugars into simple molecules for absorption into the bloodstream, which produces methane as a by-product.) However, a small percentage of methane is also produced in the cow’s large intestine and then expelled. Settling ponds and lagoons for processing manure also produce copious amounts of this greenhouse gas.

Don't blame me if you want specifics, take it up with NASA!

There was a segment on NPR about the correlation between a strong economy and increasing greenhouse gases and how terrible the last ten years of economic recovery has been for the environment.

Here is hoping for a greater depression?

My browsing history shows cat videos as far back as I can see, but YouTube suggested some TED talks about thorium. Someone commented that India already has thorium reactors. I found this:

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