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Originally Posted by redpoint5 View Post
Renewables plus storage would have to be cheaper than nuclear for it to become the primary electricity generating technology; otherwise we'll just have nuclear.
Subsidies.......................they pattern our world.

If not for the US Navy keeping shipping lanes free, little oil and or goods would make it to our shores, what do we add to the costs of such goods to establish a "true cost"?

Nuclear isn't viable as a private only venture, it gets subsides from the government, more so than even oil with it's crazy tax break schemes for dry wells and what not.

Green energy subsidies are rather transparent by comparison, we know why GE pays no taxes, they are green energy leaders.

My point: all of these energy schemes are subsidized and politicized at one level or another.

Want to kill one off, pull the plug - it's really that simple.

Most energy subsidies go not to renewables but to producing more of the dirty stuff.
US fossil fuel production is subsidized to the tune of $20 billion annually
Pull the plug and see which one wins.

I dare you.

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