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Originally Posted by kach22i View Post
You could be right.

We cannot stay on our current path at any rate.

Food for thought.

France could close 'up to 17' nuclear reactors by 2025

Nuclear is cheaper when the government subsidizes it, and the close out costs are not considered.

Fossil fuels are cheaper when ignoring damage to the environment and human health concerns set aside.

We know the answer, we just lack the will and perhaps some of the means.

14 minute long video from that last link:

Published on Jun 9, 2017
Nuclear energy: When France faces a new era
Lets see if their electricity bill goes up or down.

France enjoys one of the lowest electricity prices in Europe; at 14.72 euro cents per kWh, the average cost of electricity in France is 26.5% cheaper than the EU average (20.02 euro cents per kWh).

The cost of generating the electricity itself: this represents about 31% of the cost of electricity for residential customers. About 75% of electricity generated in France comes from nuclear-generated power

Delivery costs: represents about 33% of the residential customer cost of electricity... covers the costs of delivering electricity from power generating facilities across high voltage lines

Taxes: there are several taxes that are applied to electricity consumption (see below), and when put together, they represent about 31% of the cost of electricity

CSPE - Contribution to the Public Service for Electricity: helps financing renewable energies, tariff equalization on the whole territory, and the basic needs tariff. In 2016, the CSPE cost 22,5€/MWh ($0.0225 / kWh)
So nuclear power is funding renewable energy in France.
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