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I had a 25-year-old relative who was killed on a rural road one night and left behind a husband and two small children to live on without her. She would be in her 60s today and have seen her two boys grow up, marry, and give her grandchildren.

The guy who killed her ran a stop sign and pole-axed her car. He had just left a bar about a mile away. I'm sure he's long been let out of the penitentiary by now.

Since there had been serious, similar accidents at that location before, the county's solution was to put a 4-way-stop there.

Predictably, there were complaints about the four signs, but no more accidents. The reason: a 4-way-stop legally forces every driver to stop and look. Had there been a 4-way-stop at that intersection when my young relative drove that road that night, hopefully she would have made her required stop and would have seen that drunk barreling toward her at high speeds and watched as he harmlessly zoomed right through his stop sign.

So, I've come to realize that there is an argument in favor of such stops at some problematic locations.
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