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Hydrogen it's even lighter than Helium, having better result in balloons or dirigibles. The Hindenburg was designed for helium, but due cost and supply problem turn it into hydrogen, giving it some extra load capacity.

In a documentary they said hydrogen was'nt the cause of the explosion, but the final result of the explosion of Hindenburg. In one point the documentary talked about possible return of hydrogen, due safer materials for revest or encapsulate, protections against electrical discharge etc..., but when they start to talk about modern material they only showed to small dirigible with helium or projects to future helium dirigibles.

Helium will end one day. You don't have technology to remove helium from atmosphere, since it's so little as few parts per million.
Helium cames fro mines of natural gas with a percentage of helium, and USA it's the worldwide leader in Helium reserves.

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Okay, floating cities in the sky.... on Venus.

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