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I remamber about one stupid startup, that wished to create wind generators using helium, giant helium ballons to rotate. But they tried to lie, to give a impression helium was endless, and they started sayng : "The second most abundant element on the universe..."
They just forgot a "tiny little detail..." that on Earth it's not abundant and quite expensive to this aplication.

Helium and hydrogen leaks. Hydrogen leaks even in steel tanks. But leaking in low pressure it's slow, I presume.

We must start to try to save helium, let it just to science and other important applications, since without it science will get serious problems. Helium ballons for parties, for example, should be forbidden.

Originally Posted by redpoint5 View Post
I've got no problem floating with H2. Most of the people on the Hindenburg lived, and most of the casualties were ground crew.

I still don't get how we mine helium. I mean, the stuff isn't even contained in mylar, so how does porous earth trap it? How are there pockets of anything considering the earth's crust is constantly shifting?

Anyhow, what's the latest on the interview?

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