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Hydrogen it's even lighter than Helium, having better result in balloons or dirigibles. The Hindenburg was designed for helium, but due cost and supply problem turn it into hydrogen, giving it some extra load capacity.

In a documentary they said hydrogen was'nt the cause of the explosion, but the final result of the explosion of Hindenburg.
Hydrogen does not produce orange flames and smoke. The powdered aluminum in the doped fabric skin does.

A hot hydrogen vacuum would provide the maximum possible lift. So how would you architect that?

Here is a tensegrity [prolated] sphere, to a rough approximation. It could be put into an aerobody of revolution and filled (emptied?) with hydrogen at a <1bar pressure. The heat would be contained by an enveloping blanket within the aerobody, filled with steam.

Pure steam has almost the lift of helium, but by adding or withholding heat it is dynamic.

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