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Originally Posted by euromodder View Post
Roundabouts stop working when 1 oncoming direction has heavy traffic - as that either blocks the other directions getting on, or is blocked by them.

4 ways stops are illegal in the EU
We have junctions with either priority from the right, or with a sign-indicated priority for one direction.

And waaay lower fatality rates than the US ...
You need to look at fatality rates with reason. We will export all of our tens of millions of minorities to you, and then require all of you to drive as far as we do on average. (Nothing is available on foot or bicycle. Public transportation serves a fraction of the population).

Or we will simply statistically collectivize all Europa driving stats (including European Russia PLUS all NATO signatories) and then draw conclusions.

Areas in this country populated almost exclusively by NW Europeans also have dimishingly small fatality rates.

So we will also put your poorest examples of THAT class in the cars they cannot now afford. Worn-down vehicles, ready for the knackers yard. Youíll love that learning curve. Canít get to work or buy groceries without a car.

1). What is the constituent background?

2). What is the rate of ownership?

3). Why are they different?

Itís the same for gun crimes. Other categories.

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